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Carsax Long-Term Solutions offers flexible and hassle-free car and van rental solutions from 1 to 36 month – no or low early exit penalties.
If you need a car or a van for the long-term but you don’t want to commit for years into a leasing deal, a flexible and cost-effective monthly car or van rental is the perfect solution for your business. We are the flexible alternative to leasing or fleet purchase, combining the benefits of a subscription model without early exit penalties, and the adaptability of traditional short-term rental.Our rates are fixed and we offer the latest new vehicles in the market with maintenance and 24-hour dedicated roadside assistance included to help you better plan your professional expenses. As a low-emission Partner, we can support you in reducing your mobility-related CO2 emissions thanks to electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles suited to your needs.


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Choose among our 3 long term solutions: SuperFlex, Flex & DuoFlex

No commitment needed

Choice of contract length from just 1 month without penalties for early exit.

No upfront costs

Unlike leasing, we do not require a large upfront payment.

Immediate fleet availability

Immediate delivery. Change your vehicle when your needs change, without penalty

Low-emission partner

Alternative to fuel vehicles, Charging solutions, CO2 reporting.

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CarSax is a car rental company that offers a range of vehicles for every preference and an innovative online booking platform. We promise quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Currently, we operate in Morocco, which is our first step towards exploring the promising African market. We plan to expand our services to glamorous destinations worldwide.

We offer a range of vehicles to cater to all needs, including economy cars, comfortable sedans for business meetings, and rugged SUVs for adventures.

Our Low-Cost offer is a range of car rental services that combines quality, comfort, and savings. It is designed for those seeking an affordable way to get around without compromising on comfort and reliability.

You can easily book a vehicle through our online booking platform, which is connected to major American booking sites. You can compare prices, find the best deal, and reserve your preferred vehicle within minutes.

At CarSax, we understand the importance of environmentally-friendly driving. That’s why we offer a range of eco-friendly vehicles and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint.

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